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(11544) THRAPSANO next to new airport at Kasteli within a plot of 9.359sqm, inside the settlement, it offers old buildings 1.326sqm total, with high heights and entrances for trucks. This property offers the possibility to build additional 1.545sqm buildings with a height of 7.5 meters. The property is 5 km from Kasteli and only a few meters from the new airport border. Ideal for logistics, shipping, rent a car, or any storage use. Huge opportunity. Price 380.000 Euros.
1326 m²
€ 380.000
Iraklio, Dimos Minoa Pediadas, Thrapsano
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independent building Industrial area Heraklion Crete

(9312) INDUSTRIAL AREA IN KALLITHEA in plot 3.031sqm, unique new independent building 1695sqm total. It offers ground floor 605sqm, basement with ramp 605sqm, first floor 485sqm, big high, three-phase current, professional elevator, air conditioning, alarm, call center, fire, big external area, projection. Price 1.100.000 Euro.
1695 m²
€ 1.100.000
Dimos Irakliou, Iraklio, Kallithea
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for Sale

For sell building warehouse Karteros Heraklion Crete

(11505)KARTEROS in plot of 7.400sqm, unique metallic building of 1.783sqm, in excellent condition. It offers ground floor 600sqm, 1st floor 583sqm and basement 600sqm, ramp, three phase current, elevator, air condition, 3 W.C, huge outdoor space. Price 1.700.000 euros
1783 m²
€ 1.700.000
Iraklio, Dimos Chersonisou, Karteros
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for Sale

independent building-cafe Koutouloufari Crete

(7358) KOUTOULOUFARI in plot 60sqm plot, unique new independent luxurious coffee bar fully equipped 120sqm, with 60sqm basement and use the municipal square. Price 360.000 Euro.
180 m²
€ 350.000
Iraklio, Dimos Chersonisou, Koutouloufari
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for Sale

independent building Tripitos Sitia

(11484) SITIA- PROVINCE ROAD ROUSSA CHURCH IN TRIPITO in a rising tourist area on a plot of 3.100sqm, new building complex of 500sqm total, 9 years old, with sea view. It offers ground floor 120sqm, 1st floor 250sqm and 2nd floor 140sqm, large parking. three phase current. Ideal for commercial and tourist use. Price 400.000 euros
500 m²
€ 400.000
Lasithi, Dimos Sitias, Trypitos
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for Sale

independent building centre Heraklion Crete

(11495) CENTRE IN THE HEART OF CITY A unique neoclassical preserved building of 407sqm. In a plot of 200sqm, it offers ground floor 157sqm, basement 93sqm, 1st floor 157sqm, large yard. Price 1.000.000 Euro.
407 m²
€ 1.000.000
Dimos Irakliou, Iraklio, Kentro
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for Sale

For sell independent building Heraklion of Mires Heraklion Crete

(11518) 5KM HERAKLION OF MIRES in a plot of 4.000sqm, offers two separate buildings 1.500sqm total, in excellent condition. The first one offers a 400sqm ground floor, a 400sqm basement and a 200sqm first floor and the second is a 500sqm metal building, large outdoor areas, three phase power and large heights of buildings. Price 1.000.000 Euros.
1500 m²
€ 1.000.000
Iraklio, Dimos Irakliou, Ethniki Odos Irakliou - Miron
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for Sale

For sell building shop offices Ierapetra Crete

(11519) IERAPETRA at the centre of the town independent business building 705sqm total, 11 years in excellent condition. It offers ground floor 235sqm with 5 offices, 1st floor 235sqm with 5 offices and 2nd floor 235sqm with 5 offices, parking, air conditioning, elevator, three phase electricity.Price 650.000 Euros
705 m²
€ 650.000
Lasithi, Dimos Ierapetras, Ierapetra
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for Sale

For sell building centre Heraklion Crete

(11596) IN THE CITY CENTER, unique independent six-storey building, total 810sqm (leased to public service with guaranteed rent and good performance) in excellent condition. In a plot of 235sqm, offers ground floor 89sqm, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor of 122sqm, 4th floor 83sqm, 5th floor 77sqm, 6th floor 50sqm and basement 123sqm.Price 2.000.000 Euros
810 m²
€ 2.000.000
Dimos Irakliou, Iraklio, Kentro