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independent house maisonette Milatos Lasithiou Crete

(11447) MILATOS LASSITHIOU next to the sea, on a plot of 550sqm new luxury maisonette of 150sqm, 6 years old, with fantastic sea view and beautiful swimming pool.. It offers an open space with fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, W.C, air condition, independent heating, beautiful green garden with BBQ, parking and extra 100sq.m basement.Price 550.000 euros
250 m²
€ 550.000
Lasithi / Dimos Agiou Nikolaou / Milatos
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For sell independent house Arhanes Heraklion Crete

(11521) ANO ARHANES In the village in a plot of 500sqm, traditional ground floor corner house of 145sqm, fully furnished, with 3 bedrooms, independent heating, large veranda, parking and beautiful garden. It also offers a 245sqm ground floor with 2 large storage rooms and 2 indoor parking spaces. Price 290.000 Euros.
390 m²
€ 290.000
Iraklio / Dimos Archanon Asterousion / Epano Archanes
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For sell independent house maisonette Prassa fireplace poll Heraklion Crete

(11527) PRASSA in a plot 1200sqm independent house maisonette 390sqm, 15 years old, in excellent condition with 100sqm swimming pool with jacuzzi and fantastic view of the Cretan Sea. It offers 3 levels open plan with fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Jacuzzi, hostel, independent heating, warehouse, WC, playroom, indoor parking, office, utility kitchen, tank, elevator, alarm, veranda and beautiful garden with grass, oven and BBQ. Price 800.000 Euros.
390 m²
€ 800.000
Iraklio / Dimos Irakliou / Prassas
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For sell independent house Malades Heraklion Crete

(11540) MALADES (ZERVOU METOCHI) inside the settlement on a 740sqm plot, unique new property with nice view. It offers 2 skeletons of 160sqm each (320sqm total), with building permit and water, on the asphalt with huge facade, sold separately. Ideal for two detached maisonettes or 4 apartments. Price 190.000 Euros
320 m²
€ 190.000
Iraklio / Dimos Irakliou / Malades
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for sell independent house Mires Crete

(11581) MIRES near the main road on a plot of 148sqm, old independent house 68sqm, 60 years old, with one bedroom and large yard. Price 100.000 Euros
68 m²
€ 100.000
Iraklio / Dimos Festou / Mires
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Sell villa pool Ierapetra Crete

(11582) ACHLIA IERAPETRAS in a plot of 4,000sqm, renovated villa 102sqm, 16 years old, with pool and fantastic view of the Libyan Sea. It offers an open space with energy fireplace, 2 bedrooms, W.C, air condition, BBQ, jacuzzi, gym, built-in appliances, alarm, parking and lovely garden. Price 500.000 Euros
102 m²
€ 500.000
Lasithi / Dimos Ierapetras / Achlia